Sofía Vergara reaches an extrajudicial agreement with Griselda Blanco’s family

After the series’ launch, a controversy erupted with the Colombian drug trafficker’s relatives, when Michael Corleone Sepúlveda Blanco, Blanco’s youngest son, known as the ‘Queen of Cocaine’, filed a lawsuit in Miami, Florida, claiming that the production has not obtained the image rights necessary for its production.

At the time, the TMZ portal reported that Corleone had requested an immediate cancellation of the launch scheduled for January 25, as he planned to release a book detailing his life with his mother. The lawsuit alleges that the Netflix series is based on interviews he and his brothers conducted between 2009 and 2022 with two journalists, who assured them that these interviews would be presented in Hollywood. However, they were later told that Netflix was interested, although they declined to use specific details, and so far they have not received any compensation.

Source: El heraldo