Chinese horoscope in 2024: these are the people who would be lucky

China welcomed the Lunar New Year with countless celebrations, banquets and prayers to celebrate the arrival of the dragon, which is considered in the world as a symbol of power, vitality and good fortune. eastern zodiac

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In Beijing this morning, hundreds of people gathered at the Lama Temple to light incense sticks and join Tibetan monks in their offerings, marking one of the most iconic ceremonies held across the country to celebrate the so-called spring festival

Meanwhile, images of dragons fill shop windows, doors and streets, in various ways, in shops and in homes, to fulfill the custom of hanging figures of the new sign, in this case a mythological animal revered in China for its ability to control the wind and rain to ensure good harvests.

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The dragon, which replaces the rabbit, is worshipped China to the point that many couples decide to have children during their year because of the good prospects it brings.

Nowadays there are also all kinds of lanterns in the cities, almost always red, a symbol of good luck for the Chinese.

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Another protagonist of the festival is the “hongbao”, also red envelopes with money inside, which are given to family and friends to wish good luck in the coming year.

It is also a way to ‘spread’ happiness to all who receive it, and what dominates is more the intention than the quantity.

Another tradition is the lighting of fireworks and fireworks, which are lit to scare away evil spirits, although in large cities such as Beijing They can no longer be heard because they are prohibited to prevent further contamination and for safety reasons.

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