Jessi Uribe and Luis Alfonso Launch ‘What She Needs’

Colombian regional music singer Luis Alfonso shared several previews of what his new album ‘Contentoso’ would bring, including the meeting that all followers of the genre were waiting for, announcing that his next collaboration would be with Jessi Uribe. It will generate more than 3,500 comments on social networks and now “What She Needs” is now available on all digital platforms, as well as the video on YouTube.

‘What She Need’ is part of Luis Alfonso’s new album, ‘El Contentoso’, a project that Señorazo and his team worked on for 8 months and which, as usual, bears his characteristic stamp, recorded entirely live, both audio and video. Without a doubt, this is a production that promises to conquer all followers.

In this song, composed by ‘El Señorazo’ together with Jhonatan and Gabo, members of Pasabordo, Luis Alfonso and Jessi Uribe tell all those men who “have no pants” because they believe that because they have money and give gifts to women, it’s enough to be in love with, but when it comes down to it, they ignore the really important details.

‘Contentoso’ is the name of Luis Alfonso’s new album, which became reality after two consecutive days of completely live recording of songs at La Loma del Escobero in Medellín, together with all the guests of the album and the band. The videos were also filmed live on a farm in East Antioquia. Filming took place for 17 hours, employing more than 200 people, including producers, engineers, cameramen, logistics and catering.

In addition to Jessi Uribe’s participation, ‘Contentoso’ will feature collaborations with other recognized artists of the genre and the full album will be available in mid-April.

Source: El heraldo