These were Melissa Martínez’s school days

Melissa Martínez is one of the most beloved journalists in the world Colombia. The Atlantic Ocean native has won the hearts of her followers thanks to her charisma and passion for her profession.

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To find out more details about her life, she was recently invited to the Caracol Televisión program ‘Día a día’, in which they gave her a big surprise with a topic related to her childhood and her life. Academic training.

Martínez studied at the Nuestra Señora de Las Misericordias Commercial Educational Institution women’s school, located in the municipality Soledad, Atlantic Ocean.

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Rochi Stevenson moved to the institution where he graduated Melissa Martinez and interviewed one of her teachers who taught her when she was a child.

“Melissa was very dedicated at school from the beginning. She first wrote for the school newspaper ‘Paradigma Siglo XXI’ and then her foray into the school radio station ‘Paradigma music’, where she always stood out for her leadership and participation,” he said Eduardo Cabaret, teacher of Spanish at the institution.

She concluded: “She was a restless girl, she emerged as a journalist, in the midst of her worries she was always very diligent. As for sports, she was a good observer and analytical, but she was not very good and physical education”.

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Midway through the interview, Martínez also revealed that he eats paper. “I went to the nutritionist and he told me this is called pica syndrome, which occurs in people who eat things that make no nutritional contribution to the body, in this case paper.”

Source: El heraldo