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Sebastian Stan is naturally drawn to roles that scare him, just like his upcoming movie. NewThe actor said so in a recent interview. While his fame is the role of Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic World, Stan has recently branched out. He currently stars in the current Hulu series. Pam and Tommy As Tommy Lee, the brutal and outspoken drummer of Mötley Crüe and husband of Pamela Anderson. For the role of Lee, Stan went through a dramatic transformation of hair and makeup, including prosthetics, piercings and fake tattoos.

On Friday, Stan will be releasing another new project on Hulu, a romantic thriller. New† Stan participates in the hybrid characteristic of this unique genre Normal peopleDaisy Edgar-Jones begins a new romance. However, it soon became apparent that Stan’s character has a certain dubious appetite, namely the cannibal type. New It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, followed by a generally positive response from viewers.

Stan’s penchant for darker or more powerful roles is no accident. In fact, Stan says his fear of the character forces him to participate as his character. New† Conversation IndieWireStan told how his fears end, which often leads him to his next project, which he calls Fear. “A good indication” role to play. She said:

“More and more, as I get older, when I read something that really scares me and I hear a voice say ‘never come near that’, it becomes more and more attractive. I usually think fear is a good indication of what to put in, maybe understand better. †

Sebastian Stan says he likes to roll

Known on screen as one of Hollywood’s most underrated figures, Stan seems to enjoy the incredible spectator roles that were not expected. But his penchant for a good challenge is nothing new. early New AND Pam and TommyStan already had several colorful characters in his filmography, from Tony Harding’s abusive husband me, Tony Corrupt Congressman Lee Bodyker the devil always† Even the MCU Bucky Barnes has a tough, layered personality, given his winter soldier alter ego. For Marvel fans familiar with Stan and his fight Falcon and winter soldier Anthony Mackey’s co-star Stan is Mackey’s introverted and extroverted: gentle and quiet in real life, unlike the rousing ex-killer Stan plays on screen.

Against the background of his diverse resume, Stan has not yet won an Oscar, nor has he been nominated. That’s probably not the actor’s approach given the small roles he’s played recently, though it seems like Stan should get a major award nomination as he continues to push boundaries in every performance. No matter what the prize circles contain, Pam and TommyNew355, And the Apple TV+ movie is still out fraudulent2022 is probably one of the greatest years of Stan’s career.

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