This company pays in dollars to listen to Spotify songs from home

Have a simple work and without much effort it is the desire of many people who do not want to travel from home and want to work remotely, what that entails some cases more comfortable and cheaper.

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For them there are hundreds of jobs and the same number squares that they can rely on and there are even some that require almost no effort, for example listen to music.

That is the case PlaylistPusha portal that takes the songs and sends them to curators who review the songs assigned to them, this simple work gets paid for company.

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The curators of qualified playlists They can earn up to $15 for each review they post and furthermore, payments can be requested at any time deposited directly into the bank account.

To be part of PlaylistPush, the potential curator must register directly in the web pageHowever, they caution that the interested party must complete at least one required of the following:

  • Playlist follower size: minimum 1,000 followers.
  • Listener activity playlist: minimum 30 active active listeners monthly per playlist. At least 1% of monthly active listeners per playlist.
  • not to have purchased fake followers/bots via the electronic market or electronic service. All playlist followers should be 100% organicreal people, obtained through natural growth.
  • The following types of playlists are not accepted: Playlists soundtrack of films/series; playlists that change their titles to attract followers; playlists of bands, artists, songs or albums; playlists focused on a specific decade; “I follow you and you follow me” playlists and playlists with “follow me” in the title.

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Eye! The program of Curators of The Playlist Push It is only available to people living in North America and Europe.

Source: El heraldo