Melissa Martínez complimented Maluma: “The most beautiful thing this country has given”

The most anticipated football and artistic meeting took place on Thursday, May 16. This is ‘Yes Se Sabe Fest Deluxe’ which was held at the Iván De Bedout Coliseum, in the city MedellinAntioch.

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The event brought together footballers and prominent personalities including RonaldinhoDorlan Pabón, Edwin Cardona and more.

Added to the list of characters include recognized artists such as Maluma, Ovy on the Drums, Blessd, who play loudly in Colombia.

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The day was full of expected moments such as the presentation of the new album by Blessedperformer of songs like ‘Two problems’‘Words are unnecessary’ and ‘Medallo’.

Moreover, it was led by Melissa Martinezone of the journalists most beloved in the country, who stands out for her commitment and spontaneity.

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Right, in the middle of the event he made a confession about the singer Maluma which surprised many.

“I’m going to say what is the most beautiful thing this country has given. Mind you, it was football first and music second. “Crack from both sides,” the presenter said jokingly. Melissa Martinez.

Source: El heraldo