Video: Two men punched each other during the news broadcast

a fight fists between two men in the middle of a public street were captured on the camera of one of the news broadcasts completely most watched on Colombian television live broadcast.

(The murdered police officer was in charge of the prisons at El Bosque station)

The incident took place this week in front of the offices of Fiduprevisorain Bogotain the middle of a protest teachers because of the change of education healthcare model.

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And the implementation of the new healthcare system has caused trauma in appointment allocation and medication delivery. That is why the unions are asking for improvements to be implemented quickly.

Users say they are concerned about the new operator’s “inefficient” capacity, putting the lives of dozens of patients at risk.

(They offer vacancies with salaries up to 3 million that do not require any study)

That is why dozens of teachers in cities such as Bogotá, Cali and Bucaramanga came to protest against Fiduprevisora, the manager of the funds of the National Fund for Social Benefits for Teachers (Fomag).

In the capital of the country, a journalist of the news ‘Caracol news‘from Chanel’Snail Television“He traveled to the site of the demonstration to collect the testimonies of the teachers who were there.

(15 prisoners from La Modelo are transferred from prison, including ‘Pedro Pluma’)

However, when the reporter saw one of the teachers In the middle of the live broadcast, listening to complaints about the new healthcare system, two men appeared on stage and started hitting each other.

The cameraman stopped focusing on the interviewee for a few seconds and showed the fight, where other people had to intervene so that the situation did not escalate.

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One of those involved turned out to be a teacher and told the reporter of ‘Noticias Caracol’ that the other man walked past the location and pushed him and another disabled teacher, so he warned him to ask for permission, but the subject became angry and the argument turned into physical aggression.

Source: El heraldo