This is what the main characters of ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ look like in the new series

On July 19, the story of the iconic film returns to the small screen Beatriz Pinzon Solano with the series ‘Ugly Betty: The story continues‘, created by Prime Video and will have 10 episodes that can be seen in more than 240 countries via this streaming platform.

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Actress Ana María Orozco achieved international fame by giving life to Beatriz Pinzon Solanothe ugly one most adored by viewers from more than 180 countries, which made the soap opera ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ the most watched in the world.

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Now, 25 years after the premiere of this production that was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records As the most successful in the history of television, the Colombian performer takes up the challenge of putting on glasses again. increasesuspenders, wear your emblematic ‘china’ and show off your old-fashioned pints.

This ‘brain’ for the finance walks again through the corridors of Ecomoda, a company that has been operating for more than… Two decades turned his lights back on.

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Along with her, most of the actors from the original production will also be seen, such as Jorge Enrique Abello (Armando Mendoza), Natalia Ramírez (Marcela Valencia), Barranquilla native Mario Duarte, who plays Nicolás Mora, Betty’s unconditional friend; Julian Arango (Hugo Lombardi), Ricardo Vélez (Mario Calderón) and Lorna Cepeda (Patricia Fernandez).

This time the story is about how Betty is still married to her husband and company director Armando Mendoza, while rebuilding his relationship with him daughter Teenager Mila (Juanita Molina), and tries to cope with her crisis trusted companymaking her wonder if twenty years ago she had chosen the path that truly made her happy.

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On May 9, Prime Video published the official teaser of the series in which you can see the physical change that the main cast has undergone compared to the appearance they had in the soap opera that launched 25 years ago.

Source: El heraldo