Fight during the premiere of Intensely 2 in a cinema in Pasto, Nariño

Fight during the premiere of Intensely 2 in a cinema in Pasto, Nariño

Last Thursday, June 14, Inside Out 2, the new film by Disney Pixar that tells a journey into the interior of the mind of Rileya teenager who has just turned 13 years old, so she is starting to experience many changes in her body and in her way of thinking.

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This new delivery takes place nine years after the premiere of the first animated band that conquered the world because of its very original plot that brings back joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust, the main emotions of the critically acclaimed Disney and Pixar movie together towards new experiences.

The premiere of Intensely 2 was the highest grossing for an animated film in Colombia with 313,555 tickets sold, surpassing the record set by Super Mario Bros last year, with a total of 283,282 viewers.

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The film was normally seen nationally, but in a cinema Pasto, Narinoa fight took place in which several civilians clashed.

The event was recorded through a video published on social networks by people who witnessed the case.

In the same recording you hear several individuals asking for respect and the protagonists of the battle leaving the cinema.

Source: El heraldo