Challenge XX contestant revealed he was in rehabilitation

The participants of the XX Challenge They face tests with the aim of staying until the end of the period reality and stay up to date with the game.

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The history of some members of the XX Challenge has come to move the audience. This was the case of Francisco José Amaya, who revealed the difficult times he went through in his life and was an example of improvement for young people.

Amaya, from the Beta Team, said she experienced something at some point in her life issues from drug addiction, but was able to move forward again after a rehabilitation period.

“I started as a teenager because where I was born opportunities were scarce, there was no access to sports and I tried marijuana, from there I moved on to other drugs until I ended up in the bazooka. I saved what I earned, I gave part to my mother and the rest I used for drugs,” said the participant ‘Network’.

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“I saw my classmates training and how they were doing break dancing. I started practicing with them and that released some energy,” he said.

Midway through the interview, he revealed how he ended up picking up trash, a job that allowed him to contribute financially to his home.

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“This job is not easy, sometimes you work more than eight hours and people don’t supportive“They see you passing by and before they throw any more trash, you face a lot of challenges on the streets.”

The participant is focused on giving his life a new direction. Therefore, reintegrating into the game after his departure has been key to achieving his goals within the league.

Source: El heraldo