Controversy in networks over church pastor selling ‘land in heaven’

Controversy in networks over church pastor selling ‘land in heaven’

The church of the end times has delivered great results controversy in social networks after the announcement of the sale of “land in the sky” for an amount of 250 dollars per square meter, about one million Colombian pesos.

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This unusual announcement was promoted by the Prophet Andrés de la Barrachurch leader who claims to have received authorization divine to do this transactionsdescribes them as a spiritual investment.

The advertisement promises buyers the opportunity to rest eternally together with biblical figures such as David, Daniel and Ezekiel. It also offers the opportunity to have famous prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah and Job as neighbors.

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The publication has awakened many reactionsof the disbelief till the outragemainly because of the statement that the country is certified and blessed by God.

The church, which has more than 7,000 followers Facebookalso has an application to facilitate the purchase of land and offers different payment methods.

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Initially, the cost per square foot started at $100, increasing to the current $250. Buyers receive a document that the church says is “blessed and certified by Jehovah” and guarantees registration in the Book of Life, on condition that you live a life in accordance with Christian and Andristic principles.

The publications have sparked a wave of criticism on social networks, with comments describing the offer as absurd and absurd blasphemous.

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Through comments on the publication, users have expressed their rejection and pointed out that the Christian message should not be commercialized. “They are completely crazy”What blasphemy! The Lord Jesus Christ gave his life for us and our sins, and he never received a single peso!” and “We ‘parishioners’ must be very careful not to fall into the deceptions of this false leaders”, are just some of the messages that Internet users left in the announcement.

Source: El heraldo