Melissa Martínez confessed that she dreams of getting married and having children: this is what she said

Melissa Martínez confessed that she dreams of getting married and having children: this is what she said

Melissa Martinez and Matias Mier They ended their relationship in 2022, the news of which surprised internet users after they thought they were in a stable relationship.

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It was the athlete who made his situation known to the journalist with the aim of preventing the situation rumors and speculations will gain momentum and become transparent over time.

“After more than 5 years of relationship with Melissa, we took a break and decided to continue separated ways‘ explained Mier.

He added: “In my humanity I admit that I have taken wrong decisions and caused pain to an exceptional woman who was with me unconditionally and gave me all her love.

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After the parting They all took different paths, as expected. On one hand, Mier decided to rebuild her sentimental situation, on the other hand Martinez She was seen focused on her professional growth.

The presenter remains on the sidelines with issues related to her love life and, on the contrary, through it social networks Share details about your daily life.

However, in an interview on the YouTube program ‘Sinceramente con Cris’ with Cristina Estupiñán, the celebrity revealed details about her personal life.

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Halfway through the meeting, they asked him if he wanted to have a family at some point in his life, have children, or get married again.

“I think it is very important to have a context and a moment from now on to be safe and take primary responsibility. Whatever happens, but that (children) can never happen, that is how it has to be in the end, so of course I see it and I have longed for it,” Martínez revealed.

He concluded: ‘At some point in my life I looked for it, but thanks to God it didn’t happen, and today I understand that there are many things that life will definitely give me.’

Source: El heraldo