Morgan Freeman slams AI for unauthorized use of his voice

Morgan Freeman slams AI for unauthorized use of his voice

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought innovative ideas for the advancement of society and multiple functions such as performing songs with the voices of deceased artists like Diomedes Diaz, Michael Jacksonamong other things.

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A similar case was recorded with actor Morgan Freeman who publicly announced the unauthorized use of his voice technological aid.

“Thank you to my incredible followers for their vigilance and support in reporting the unauthorized use of an AI voice impersonating me. Your dedication helps the authenticity and integrity remain paramount. Grateful,” Freeman said on his X account.

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There are several personalities worldwide who disagree with the imitation of singers’ voices. This was the case Scarlett Johansson who criticized OpenAI over artists’ rights.

This situation is added to the cases of complaints about intellectual property rights due to misuse of this tool.

Source: El heraldo