The Batman director revealed a line that Warner Bros. †

The Batman director revealed a line that Warner Bros.  †

Matt Reeves said that Warner Bros. Batman Be PG-13 from the start, a request the critically acclaimed director gladly accepted. In the film, Robert Pattinson plays Junior Batman, a different version of what was previously shown on screen when he encountered his first major villain, Paul Dano’s hit man. The combination of Pattinson and Dano is an impressive ensemble, which includes Zoe Kravitz as Celina Kyle, Andy Serkis as Alfred Penivort and Colin Farrell as The Unknown Penguin.

But regardless Batman Apparently the biggest screen version of The Dark Knight, many fans were disappointed by the film’s shockingly low PG-13 rating. Fans have been begging for a darker portrayal of the DC superhero for years, and Reeves Batman’s record seems to have ticked all those boxes, but the film’s rating may indicate it’s not as bad as some fans had hoped. . That said, Dano has just admitted that Riddler’s timing made it hard for him to sleep, reinforcing his initial thoughts. Batman Gloomy Tone fans should also be aware that this is arguably the most revered disc in the Batman franchise; dark knightIt also rated it PG-13, although it had a lot of incredibly dark moments.

while talking Batman of colliderReeves revealed the origin of these much-discussed classifications. Reeve said it was hers before PG-13.Intention from the start This is also what Warner Bros. always wanted, quoting your words.”It’s important to us that the movie is PG-13. “We want to make sure we get it… this is a Batman movie and we’re investing a lot in it.” Remembering your passage monkey planet Then Reeves went on and said: “I knew we could push the boundaries of what you could do in the PG-13 movie and still bring us everything I wanted to do.” See full quote below

They did one thing that was my intention from the beginning to say, look, it’s important for us to make the PG-13 movie. We want to make sure we can get it… this is a Batman movie and we’ve invested a lot of money into it. They had to sort of… of course there was spectacle and great entertainment, but there was a level of intensity. “I felt the same way, I knew we could do anything in the PG-13 movie and still deliver anything I wanted to do.”

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Not surprisingly, Warner Bros. want to see so many people Batman It’s possible, after some tough years for the cinema, to invest as much in Pattinson’s departure as Batman did. Reeves compared to his two monkey planet Movies should also help overcome the fears that surround us BatmanAge rating. Both films are good examples of films that transcend the boundaries of what makes a good, smart PG-13, with lots of great action and sad moments, for an audience without going too far. The trailers also showed how sassy Pattinson Batman can be, so it looks like Reeves is fully committed to portraying both the piece and the intensity he’s talking about, but as far as the movie is seen by as many people as possible.

Reeves is probably the best person for Warner Bros. with a successful catalog of sad PG-13 hits that showcase the director’s talent for crafting a blockbuster that appeals to all audiences. Moviegoers expecting an R-rated movie in the future will also be disappointed, as Reeves recently said it isn’t and won’t happen. Pending Robert Pattinson’s departure in the role of Batman, fans won’t have long to wait to see how Reeves’ vision will develop. Batman Scheduled for release on March 4.

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