Darth Molly ‘Sith Legs’ Becomes Her Own Star Wars Villain

Darth Molly ‘Sith Legs’ Becomes Her Own Star Wars Villain

In the popular meme, Dart Molly’s legs have a red lights sword that seeks revenge on Obi-Wan Kenob, as well as the top half of the wizards.

“Sith Feet” by Dart Molly Become your own popular villain Star Wars Memi posted a message on Twitter. Interestingly, the Star Wars comics have already playfully introduced the concept of the Sith’s sentient legs, as envisioned in the artist’s original rendering.

After Darth Maul cut in half by Obi-van Kenobi Star Wars: The Phantom Menace it returned Clone Wars. He found shelter in a landfill and managed to get hold of robotic legs. When he finally left the planet, he vowed to find Kenoba and get revenge. Fanart, however, imagines the lower half of cities as their own lives, with a similar mission.

In a popular meme on Twitter @cortex0917There is a red light at the feet of Darth Maul, seeking revenge on Obi-Wan Kenobi and the top half of the Sith. The artwork was created by ScaryisGood, who shared it on the subreddit with the caption r/StarWars: ? †

Interestingly, the idea returns to a benign dialogue Dart Molly: Death Penalty looks like The Clone Wars: An Epic Collection Volume 2 (Written by Tom Taylor with painting by Bruno Redondo). In this story, Dart Molly’s Lost Legs, Equally Lost, Equally Assumed Dead, and Equally Deadly is an idea discussed directly, leaving you wondering if the Sit Lord really knows this. two Creatures prone to revenge. Or, as it says in the comics, “The legs of insane runners run alone, are they ready for a good shot?”

Darth Maul's Sith Legs became his .5

Fanart reminds us of the character design that was first revealed Star Wars: The High Republic; Which introduced fans to new characters from the galaxy’s distant past that would soon appear in comics and other media. Molly’s free legs reflect the “Geod” meme next to the smart stone, which has been a laughing stock for many fans.

While the idea of ​​Molly’s working legs is still a fantasy, her reaction to that thought makes her worst nightmare. Fans can imagine his imaginary dreams even after the Clone Wars era as he remembers his own part which is still a city. When he leads the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn, there will always be a part of his past that he tries to reconcile. Somewhere in this mess are the legs Dart Molly


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