German broadcasters withdraw from Moscow due to new media law

German broadcasters withdraw from Moscow due to new media law

German publishers ARD and ZDF have decided to stop working in Russia over a law change that could lead to long prison terms and heavy fines for spreading false information.

The publishers have announced that they will no longer use their headquarters in Moscow for the time being.

Earlier this week, Russia’s parliament passed a bill that would make penalties for spreading fake news much tougher.

With this, the Russian government wants to prevent messages other than the information it has disseminated from appearing in the media. For example, if someone deliberately spreads false information about the armed forces, Russia says that he could face up to 15 years in prison, with serious consequences. There are also heavy fines on those who demand sanctions against Russia.

The media should not mention an attack, invasion or declaration of war in their coverage of the conflict in Ukraine. According to the Kremlin, it is a “special military operation” and the Russian army is only targeting military targets.

Earlier, other media such as the British broadcaster BBC and the American news agency had also closed their offices in Moscow. Bloomberg† NOS and RTL have also withdrawn their correspondents in Russia.

Source: NU