Course in Analyzing Literary Works of Eminent Authors –

Course in Analyzing Literary Works of Eminent Authors –

Great writers have engaged in dialogue on many occasions to exchange views on various aspects of life. From these meetings came books that were to be carefully studied every Thursday of March.

All sessions start at 6:00 PM on Zoom and end at 8:00 PM and are recorded for all registered participants. The person in charge is Professor Sergio Cáceres Mercado. Interested parties can register via [email protected] or email courses (0981) 569-518.

Today the concepts, propositions and suggestions of five of these books are discussed. On the first day, we will see what Jorge Luis Borges and Ernesto Sábato discussed during those famous gatherings in Buenos Aires in the mid-seventies. This Thursday we will discuss the topics covered in the book that Marguerite Yourcenar discussed with her colleague Matthieu Galey. With open eyes.

Next days. On Thursday, March 17, the gathering travels to Colombia to witness a conversation between Gabriel García Márquez and Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza. guava scentA rich exchange of ideas in which Gabo confesses his ideas about the art of writing and other subjects.

On Thursday the fourth, Italian Umberto Eco and Briton Jean-Claude Carrière will solemnly discuss the Internet and many other aspects of contemporary culture. No one can finish the books.

The course ends with the book on the last Thursday of March literature is my revengeA compilation of conversations between Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa and Italian Claudio Magris.

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