These actresses compete for Madonna in the biopic –

These actresses compete for Madonna in the biopic –

Hollywood is influenced by the prospect of playing Madonna in the next biopic of her life. Hollywood reporter now she knows which actresses have a chance to win the part. Julia Garner (ozarkI invent Anna), Florence Poug (Small womanI black WidowI midsummar), Alexa Half (euphoria), Odessa Young (mothers Day), Emma Laird (Mayor of Kingstown), singer Bebe Rexha and singer Sky Fereirra auditioned and advance to the next round in search of the fictional Madonna.

A few things were also announced about the auditions. THR It would “weaken”. For example, candidates must attend choreography sessions that can last up to 11 hours per day. Madonna and her choreographer will be there. In addition, the actresses have to rate the lyrics with the superstar and sing their song.

“You should be able to do anything,” said a source. THR† The film seems to be focusing on Madonnas at the moment blond ambitionIt was filmed in 1990. When the movie will be released is not yet known. Who will play Material Girl until then remains to be seen.

Madonna still attracts a lot of attention, even after a career that now spans nearly four decades. But not just with their sassy costumes and daring hits:

Source: RTL