Frozen Composer Responds To Singing Girl Let It Go In Ukrainian Shelter

Frozen Composer Responds To Singing Girl Let It Go In Ukrainian Shelter

Disney’s Frozen composer Kristen Anderson-Lopez responded to a version of “Let it Go” performed by a young Ukrainian girl at a shelter.

Composer back frozenThe hit song “Let it Go” was in response to a video of a young Ukrainian woman singing a song from a shelter in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. disney was released frozen In 2013, it was very successful, with short films, merchandising, music shows and sequels, frozen IIWhich was released in 2019. frozen It became a franchise of its own after introducing families to the main characters Anna and Elsa, as well as a memorable soundtrack.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez co-wrote the songs of 2013 with her husband frozen And its 2019 sequel was “Let it Go,” which was performed in the film by Idina Menzel as Queen Elsa as she celebrates her freedom and exercises her ability to create ice cream. The song won an Oscar for Best Original Song and quickly became one of Disney’s most iconic and beloved songs.

utilities, Anderson-Lopez He took to Twitter to support a girl named Amelia, who sings “Let It Go” in the video. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches its third week, the video shows a girl entertaining her family and others in a shelter with her immense talent. Anderson-Lopez told the girl’s version.Heal all who understand»And encouraged it«Keep singing!The songwriter also compared the girl’s circumstances and the song’s message, sharing that “Let it Go” was written.”A story of family healing† The heartwarming video has been viewed more than 13 million times since it was shared on Twitter on March 6 and received thousands of supportive comments. Check out Anderson-Lopez’s comments and the original video below:

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The video highlights the devastating human impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and shows how the war affected the lives of Ukrainian citizens of all ages. Shot in a crowded shelter, the video shows residents stopping silently to listen to the girl’s impressive voice as she sings a song in Ukrainian. Anderson-Lopez’s comments reflect the celebration the girl received in the shelter and on the continental shelf in support of the Ukrainian people.

As the war in Ukraine continues, companies like Disney are forced to make decisions about accessing their services in Russia. Many companies have supported Ukraine by donating to humanitarian causes, as has the Pokémon Company with its $200,000 donation. Other media companies, such as Netflix, have decided to suspend their services in Russia. Meanwhile, Sony, Warner Bros. and Disney themselves have decided to suspend the release of their movies in Russia, meaning new releases like Batman Currently not available in Russian cinemas. We hope that such decisions will end the invasion among the Russian people and ultimately lead to material changes at the end of the war. Until then, people around the world will continue to inspire Ukrainians like Amelia and her interpretation. frozensAushvi.”


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