Professor X takes on the X-Men’s exact yellow chair in a new video for Dr. Strange 2

Professor X takes on the X-Men’s exact yellow chair in a new video for Dr.  Strange 2

Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier, the same Professor X, takes over the X-Men’s yellow precision chair in the new Dr. Strange in the many worlds of madness.

Young A doctor in many worlds of strange madness TV Launch To Release New Images Of Patrick Stewart Professor X X Men-Exact yellow seat. Since the beginning of Phase 4, the multiverse has played a pivotal role in the MCU. This idea was one of the deliveries in the service Spider-Man: No Way Homelike Tom Holland Spider Man The trilogy ended with the Peter Parker taking part in the corresponding Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield webslinger reruns. However, the chaos of the multiverse doesn’t stop here like A doctor in many worlds of strange madness Ready to take the concept to the next level and watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s main character deal with the aftermath of his failed spell.

Happens after events Spider-Man: No Way Home Doctor Strange 2 You will see Stephen Strange return from Cumberbatch when he touches the multiverse again. Directed by Sam Reim, sequel to MCU There will be even more options for many realities. In the context of strong speculation about some unexpected appearances from Marvel characters The versatility of madnessProven appearance is none other than Charles Xavier/Professor X Together X Men Star Patrick Stewart returns to once again embody the cult mutant.

of The versatility of madness With just a week to go before it hits theaters, another vision has arisen for Stewart returning as Professor X. in a new TV clip. ChaosMoogle) For a long-awaited sequel, Professor X will be briefly seen again, but in a way that should be very familiar to everyone. X Men fans. Although he never shows his face, the TV clip shows Professor X sitting in the exact yellow chair from his famous comic book. Watch the new TV clip below:

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Like most Marvel Studios projects, with them The versatility of madness Professor X’s involvement was discussed very intensively. As for Stewart himself, the actor was initially hesitant to confirm that he was his character. X Men The character was sure to return, but he ended up talking about it publicly in February 2021. While it can no longer be denied that Charles Xavier the doctor is weird Moving on, the question is, which Professor X Stewart plays? At this point it is very likely that The versatility of madnessProfessor X is a variation of the original and not a repeat. X Men movies.

Professor X’s involvement is just one of the great aspects of the multiverse Doctor Strange 2 One of the most anticipated appearances is Marvel’s Illuminati, as the famous band begins to familiarize themselves with the MCU in the film. last Doctor Strange 2 This is also confirmed by the TV commercial Yes…? Captain Carter makes his live-action debut as a versatile alternative to Captain America. A doctor in many worlds of strange madnessThe multiverse concept means Marvel has an infinite place to play with the comic font, so the cameo possibilities are truly limitless. However, one of these proven appearances as a direct reference to the original Marvel comics in Stewart’s Professor X is certainly a good way to surprise the audience.

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