The last episode of Over My Body was viewed by 945,000 people. †

The last episode of Over My Body was viewed by 945,000 people.  †

the last episode of the ninth season on my corpse Wednesday evening attracted 945,000 viewers. That is why the NPO1 series by presenter Tim Hofman is in seventh place of the most watched shows.

Hofman follows on my corpse terminally ill youth. The BNNVARA program was previously presented by Patrick Lodiers, Yvon Jaspers and Valerio Zeno. Hofman, 33, who has presented the show since 2018, writes on Instagram that he will be back in one and a half to two years with a new series.

in front of OUR News The most viewed Wednesday on NPO1 from 8 p.m., with just over 2.1 million. Dutch historyA film by Daan Schuurmans that takes the viewer through the ups and downs of Dutch history and attracts more than one and a half million viewers on the same channel.

Start of the program My house It managed to attract 532,000 viewers on SBS6. Heir apparentThe simultaneous RTL 4 program attracted even more viewers: 874,000 Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-Germain, the Champions League match played at RTL 7 attracted 866,000 viewers.

Wednesday 9 March Top 5 of the day

  • 1. NOS News at 8 p.m. (NPO1) – 2,103,000 viewers
  • 2. Dutch History (NPO1) – 1,583,000 viewers
  • 3. From RTL Nieuws 19:30 (RTL 4) – 1,416,000 viewers
  • 4. NOS News from 6 p.m. (NPO1) – 1,364,000 viewers
  • 5. EenVandaag (NPO1) – 1,160,000 viewers

Source: NU