Knight of the Moon: All Hidden Hospital Calling Screen

Knight of the Moon: All Hidden Hospital Calling Screen

ᲒCaution! Spoilers for Moon Knights episodes 4 and 5 below!

The 4th installment of the Disney+ MCU series moon knight He ends up in the Mark Spector Psychiatric Hospital, steeped in references to previous episodes, which seems to suggest that his life on the outside may be a subtle illusion formed in his environment. but moon knight Episode 5 shows that this probably isn’t the case, the hospital image is still important as a visual representation of Mark’s worst memories and his distrust of his own mind. Consequently, the copious and precise accuracy of all of the hospital’s answers, subtle and clear, plays a vital role in encouraging Mark to cast doubt on himself, hindering his goal – avoiding Ammit’s judgment in the real world.

Replaces Mark Spector and Stephen Grant (both with Oscar Isaacs) moon knight) In Episode 5, you find out that they entered Duat, the Kingdom of the Dead in Egypt, after being shot by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). To prevent the resurrection and destruction of Harrow God Amit, Mark and Stephen struggle to balance the scales that weigh heavily on Mark’s most painful memories. A reality check of Mark’s concept of a mental hospital, infused with hints from his and Stephen’s past lives.

Most of these references can be found in Arthur Harrow’s recommended room or office, presumably a hospital. Both the recommended room and doctor’s office contain treasures moon knight Easter eggs that significantly challenge and shape the perception of Mark and Steven’s past, taking on their complex components and making them easier to understand. Here are all the reactions from previous episodes moon knight They are taken to the hospital.

Bertrand Crowley and the Living Sculpture Hat

One of the first things Mark sees when he’s in the hospital is an old man pulling bingo numbers out of his hat. This is Crowley, a prominent character moon knight The comics previously featured on the show in Episode 1 are a living sculpture that Stephen confides in in his grief. The hat Crowley wears to collect tips for his performance is like getting bingo numbers at the hospital.

Stephen Rubik’s Cube

1651408098 212 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

In the recreation room of the hospital, a man is seen playing the Rubik’s Cube. This is a reference to the scene moon knight Episode 1, where Stephen tirelessly tosses up and down an unresolved Rubik’s cube to stay awake.

Moon Knight Cupcakes Episode 1

1651408103 537 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital

One of the most obvious calls to the hospital is a tray of cupcakes being pushed in an orderly fashion. Compared to the muffin Steven uses as his departure car moon knight Episode 1 provides a much more realistic context for finding these baked goods.

Donna’s Gift Shop Beetle

1651408109 748 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital

The electric blue beetle that Donna is holding in the hospital was previously seen in the gift shop at the museum where she and Stephen work. moon knight Episode 1.

A bird with the head of Khonshu

1651408114 789 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

A woman in a hospital paints a hummingbird with the head of the Egyptian god Khonshu. This, of course, refers to Mark and Stephen’s relationship with Honshu, as his body is an avatar of God. However, the design also reflects the scene. moon knight Episode 2, “Summon The Suit”, in which a video of a hummingbird nature is played against the backdrop of an Arthur Harrow complex.

Moon Knight chalkboard, murals and postcards

1651408120 12 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

The Harrow complex is still mentioned by the works shown on the hospital plaque, as the patterns painted on the paper bear a striking resemblance to the frescoes on the walls of the complex. Also, the images on the left are arranged like postcards that Stephen hangs next to a fishing pond in his apartment.

gus goldfish

1651408123 766 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

Gass, Stephen’s goldfish, emerges from a waterless container at the hospital. It later reappears as a drawing of Mark’s brother in his childhood memories.

Leila Sweets

1651408127 987 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital

Mark’s wife Leila El-Faul (played by Mai Kalamavi moon knight), also appears to be a patient in a mental hospital in episode 4. Leila eats the same candies in the commercial room that she eats on stage. moon knight Episode 3, when he was making his fake passport.

Leila’s pinky injury

1651408130 675 Moon Knight All Secret Calls To The Hospital

In episode 4, Leila is shown with a damaged left little finger. This flashy detail lands him in the hospital, where he still wears a bandage with a red beetle painted on it.

Moon Knight “We Win”.

1651408133 866 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital

When Stephen Finds Amit’s Sabbath in the Tomb of Alexander the Great moon knight Episode 4, he proudly supports her to show Leila and screams “We won!” At the hospital, Leila repeats the gesture and phrase, but this time she has a bingo card instead of a powerful Egyptian artifact.

Steven’s anklet

1651408136 764 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital

initial moon knight In the episodes, Stephen chains his bed with ankle chains in hopes of keeping himself in his apartment. At one point, he tries to cross the boundaries of limitations, causing him to stumble and fall on his face. This also happens in the hospital where Mark is in a wheelchair.

Harrow Psychiatric Department Office

1651408140 152 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

Dr Harrow’s office in the Hospital is a heavily remodeled and converted version of the attic of the Arthur Harrow complex, shown in episode 2. Both rooms have separate columns and a clear large window and were probably filmed at the same location.

Harrow’s Egyptian Artifacts

1651408143 406 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

Harrow’s large, pointed office is decorated with numerous Egyptian relics and artifacts similar to those previously on display in both the History Museum and Alexander the Great’s tomb. Harrow has pitchers, carvings, and the pyramid paperweight, which don’t make sense to anyone in the cabinet except the most esoteric royal doctor.

Knight of the moon alpine painting

1651408146 95 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

In Harrow’s office moon knight Episode 4 also features a mural that clearly contrasts with the white and Egyptian themed aesthetic of the beautiful mountain village where Stephen found himself in episode 1.

Arthur Harrow glass sandals

1651408149 518 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

opening scene moon knight It shows Arthur Harrow’s shoes filling the shoes with broken glass before being worn. At the hospital, Mark sees Dr. Harrow with similar sandals.

Headquarters of Arthur Harrow

1651408153 197 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

The mighty stick Arthur Harrow uses throughout the series is the character’s remarkable signature. The doctor. Harrow also has a cane in his office, although it looks very different and very normal.

goddess tavern

1651408156 541 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

The goddess Taverett greets Mark and Stephen in a duet moon knight Episode 5, but previously seen as plush items in the museum inventory moon knight Episode 1. Stephen even mentions him and corrects the level when he mentions Taverret as a hippo.

Mark hotel lighting

1651408160 465 Moon Knight Every hidden call to the hospital.5

Exotic moon knight The Easter egg in episode 4 is the lighting in the hospital corridors; These are the same accessories seen in a branded hotel room in Egypt.

Moon Knight Characters: Who Was Each Patient In Past Episodes

Marvel proves that Moon Knight isn't just Batman.5

Of course, the most obvious and very alarming response at the hospital is the bizarre return of characters from past episodes who are now portrayed as patients or stretchers in a facility. In addition to Leila (Mark’s wife), Donna (Stephen’s boss), Crowley (live sculpture), and Dr. Harrow (Amit Arthur Harrow’s servant), other characters in the hospital seen before are Billy (one of the alleged police officers who works for Harrow.), Bobby (another Harrow police officer), and Becky (Anton Mogart’s defence) . it should be noted that moon knight The hospital characters who threatened Mark or Stephen are all employees, while their friends and acquaintances are patients.

New episodes of Moon Knight will air on Disney+ on Wednesday.

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