RuPaul’s Drag Race: The 10 Most Controversial Elimination Screens –

RuPaul’s Drag Race: The 10 Most Controversial Elimination Screens –

Every time a participant is banned RuPaul’s Drag Race Race There are fans rushing to protect them, claiming they deserve better and choosing the remaining queens they will eliminate. It’s so common that even now, during Season 14, there’s weekly feedback every time a fan favorite is sent home.

But like any show with as much subjective judgment as drag race, There will always be disagreements from person to person and between umpires and spectators at home. There are many eliminations that have shocked viewers, making it the most controversial exit for some of the most popular queens.

10 Mrs. Kasha Davis (season 7)

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season 7 drag racing It’s full of fan queens and controversial eliminations for fans, so Kasha may not have been the first to come to her senses, but because of her elimination, the backlash was still noticeable.

Her premature departure from the show robbed the season of its potential as one of its most unique queens, but it was her final lip sync that many fans disagreed with. Despite putting on a fantastic show, she was still sent home and since then she has been one of the most wanted queens brought back by fans.

9 Yara Sofia (season 3)

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Yara’s removal from season three remains one of the biggest controversies for the show’s early fans. During her lip sync, her condition was guaranteed to bring her home, but many fans feel she should never be in that position.

While his elimination came as a huge surprise, the events of the episode themselves added some context. Still, fans thought he had the talent and achievements to take the crown.

8 Vanessa Vanji Mateo (Season 10)

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It’s hard to explain what Vanji did during his brief stint in Season 10 that attracted so many loyal supporters, but it’s easy to see why he insisted at the last minute that he had a reason to stay.

With a unique sense of humor and style, compared to some of her more sophisticated contemporaries, the Queen had a personality that simply attracted people, making her dramatic performance on the show one of the most memorable in television history. TV series. Not surprisingly, Vanji was re-invited to participate in Season 11.

7 Ongina (season 1)

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Time drag racing During the first season he didn’t have the same fan base as he does now, many fans can’t believe that Ongina went home halfway through the season. Despite being in the bottom two positions with the last season winner, most fans think Ongina did the best lip sync and should have a chance to continue.

It took a long time before he was invited to the show for another chance, but fans were happy to finally see him on the catwalk. all 5 stars

6 Valentine (season 9)

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It wasn’t so much that the elimination was unjustified, but rather the general surprise of the fall of one of the season’s favorites. Season 9 is considered by many to be one of the best actors drag racing A story that has made many eliminations controversial.

Valentina quickly attracted a lot of fans and was considered by many to be the favorite to win all season. That’s why fans were surprised when he decided to cover his mouth while lip-syncing because he couldn’t remember the lyrics of the song. For such a strong competitor, it was a costly evasion.

5 Trixie Mattel (Season 7)

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Considering how popular the trick has become since its release drag racing Many fans suggest that he was the winner of the series, or even the one who was most right in the competition. So it’s amazing to know that he was initially knocked out at 11am before returning to the competition, only to discover himself again and again.

Less surprising is how fans reacted to both. Trixie’s work with Pearl is considered one of the best drag racing The style and brand of the Transformation Challenge Trix have convinced so many viewers. The release of the seventh season is so controversial these days that conspiracy theories about the behind-the-scenes drama and its deliberate provocative removal to fuel the drama are still circulating on the internet. drag racing Fanaticism

4 Lively (Season 6)

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An initial controversial takedown occurred in Season 6, when Vivacious was sent home just weeks later. Her signature style and fashion sense immediately stunned fans of the show and many thought she would go far this season.

While the show didn’t have the same online presence as it does now, fans were still very vocal after Vivacious was removed, making it one of the most visibly controversial shows.

3 Latrice Royale (season 4)

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Latrice was one of the most beautiful queens of the early period drag racing And it remains a fan favorite after all these years. Many fans believed that Latrice was faced with double standards all along.

His hilarious jokes and constant support from other contestants is something most fans remember, but the judges never really admired his performance. This created quite a noticeable gap in her perception of her merit as a competitor, which made her even more controversial when she was eventually eliminated.

two Katia Zamo (Season 7)

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One of the most loved contestants and one of the most successful queens out there drag racingKatia left the show during an episode where fans enjoyed her provocative performance and voice acting. This fact further fueled her already fervent fan base and led to a lot of show-oriented misbehavior for the still-competitive queens.

While he has certainly found ways to stay in the public eye and share with fans, it will forever be a memorable response from the show’s viewers.

1 Shea Coulee (Season 9)

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All the evidence you need to point out that this is one of the most controversial tours drag racing The story is about how well he performed and how ecstatically the fans cheered him on when he finally came back. All stars† During Season 9, Shim impressed the contestant in almost every way, leading to four wins.

While he never felt like his place in the title was in jeopardy, he lost lip sync with Sasha Velor and was knocked out. It immediately became one of the most sought after. All stars The contestants and when he finally got another chance, he used it.

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