Captain America Finally Explains Sam Wilson’s Superhuman Conditioning Level

Marvel shows how the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, is just as strong as Steve Rogers, even without the use of the famous super soldering serum.

Warning: contains spoilers Captain America #0!

What’s new from Marvel captain AmericaSam Wilson doesn’t have authority of his own, but that doesn’t stop him from fighting like Steve Rogers, and the company has finally revealed what Wilson is pursuing. Captain America #0 This revealing issue is packed with action as Rogers and Wilson work together to stop the old threat of New York terror and the horrific damage to the population. Besides the fact that the former Falcon has thwarted a diabolical and terrifying foe, this song reveals that Sam’s unique history is the key to his survival.

Sam Wilson not only can fly, but he is equipped with a pair of wings that look like his old suit from the days of the Falcon. Although it has a technically very limited ability to communicate telepathically with birds on Earth, this power is rarely used in modern times (and this power is not fully present in the Marvel Cinematic World). Still, Wilson isn’t as strong or as fast as Rogers in comics and movies, so how does the new Captain America manage to survive his many battles?

In Captain America #0, Armin Zola developed a rocket (at least hidden in a skyscraper) that would fly into the atmosphere and explode above Earth, turning humans into “scorpions” of his own design. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson team up to stop the runway and eventually land on the rocket when it launches. The ship speeds up more than three times it has the power, and while Steve Rogers is still in his veins thanks to the Super Soldier serum, Wilson stays because “…the only reason I’m standing is the flying hours I’ve logged.”

In his story, Wilson’s flying armor was a gift from the T’chala Black Panther, and he continued to wear it for many years. In the 1970s and 1980s, he became a trusted partner to Captain America, often playing the role of an eye on airborne missions that required intelligence (and eventually dogfights). Wilson spent most of his missions in the air, climbing, diving and surviving many high maneuvers, using only wings. Wilson must have Important Control your body (and especially the massive strength in your core) so you can stay on an accelerated rocket.

This ability is not the result of a chemical mix, but the result of ten years of experience as a crime fighter. Contrary to what other branches of the US military may think, the Air Force fighter He must He’s physically strong enough to withstand multiple flights, and Sam Wilson is no exception (and he doesn’t even have a plane to protect him). Young captain America This is not very interesting, but it is strange enough to look at.

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