Face/Off 2 updated by Nicolas Cage Screen Rant

Face/Off 2 updated by Nicolas Cage Screen Rant

Star Nicolas Cage shares a face to face An update confirming he’s in talks with producer Neil H. Com Moritz and thinks his return is likely. The 1997 action thriller starring Sean Archer and Castor Troy, the latter is an FBI agent who goes after the latest sociopath in an attempt to kill Shawn for the murder of his son. When Shawn learns that Castor has planted an atomic bomb in downtown Los Angeles, he undergoes experimental treatment to turn his face into Castor and secretly become his rival, but when the killer awakens from a coma and doctors force his face to transplant. Shawn forward. He and Shawn must battle in time to stop the bomb and Castor not to ruin his life.

Together with Cage, the actors face/off Directed by John Travolta Sean / Castor with Joan Allen, also starring Alessandro Nivola, Gina Gershon, Dominic Swain, Nick Cassavetes, Colm Feor, John Carroll Lynch, CCH Pounder and Thomas Jane. Directed by action star John Woo and written by Mike Warby and Michael Kohler, the film received critical acclaim upon release. Become famous. face/off It was also a box office success, grossing over $245 million worldwide on an $80 million budget, making it the 11th highest-grossing film of the year.

Talk about comic. of For his famous meta-comedy Unbearable weight of enormous talentNicolas Cage suggested a face to face For updates. The actor revealed that he is in talks to negotiate a future extension, which is Neil H. with Moritz, and thinks he will likely return for the new film. Check out what Cage shared below:

“There were several phone calls to Nil [Moritz], with whom I really enjoyed working on the first Face/Off. He’s one of the big producers in Hollywood and they make some phone calls. The rest, like the national treasure, was a priority for the TV show and the hits, but maybe face-to-face.”

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development in the new face/off He was initially met with some skepticism about his initial statement that Paramount would be remaking the action thriller with new actors. Public goodwill has changed over the years godzilla vs. kongAdam Wingard signed his creative partner Simon Barrett to direct and write, and planned to shoot the film as a sequel in favor of the remake. Despite the confirmation of the extension, many wondered if the two anchors would return face to faceNamely when Cage Castor was eventually killed at the end of the original and Shawn’s face returned to him.

Cage face to face The update is the most promising of his return to continue the action thriller in his recent discussions. Cage previously said he had not heard anything about the development of the film during the promotion. Unbearable weight of enormous talentHowever, it has just been confirmed that he would be open to returning if given the chance, and with negotiations underway between him and the masses, the door seems to be open for a change of face. Meanwhile, the public can see the last cage Unbearable weight of enormous talent Now in cinemas.

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