A mother’s worst fear comes true in Addicted: Her son Jari .’s relapse

A mother’s worst fear comes true in Addicted: Her son Jari .’s relapse

Jari’s drug use has spiraled out of control since the end of his football career. Her parents’ divorce also plays a role in increasing drug use. “It turns out that he smoked at a very young age, but tried something different: a drink, a drink,” says his father, Chris.

When it was revealed that Chris was cheating, Jari was 16 at the time, panicked. His mother, Wilberti, panicked. “He broke the door, but also the laptop. And Chris was unreachable…”

Finally, Jari uses cocaine every day. Despite being hospitalized several times, he still struggles with an addiction. “I see you collapsing,” Father Chris said. “I think the worst part is that he has no self-esteem.” Anne Wilberti is also very upset. “It’s so hard that I can’t help it.” Other family members fear that things will soon go wrong.

At the beginning of the intervention, Jari hides under the covers. His mother then expresses her fear. “You’re going to destroy yourself, Jari, I’m really afraid you’re going to die.” Finally, he gets out of bed to sit with his family, and his parents express their concerns about him. Then Jari says he felt “terribly stupid” for two years.

After an emotional moment with her mother, Jari admits he knew he had to stop, but couldn’t get over his addiction. But he says he wants help. And so he goes to rehab. A week later, Ewout Genemans visits Jari in the clinic. “You look much better,” he said immediately. It also feels better, but it takes some getting used to. “For the first time in four years I am sober on a Saturday.”

If Jari is allowed to leave the clinic, he is temporarily moved to the so-called vault. the house where he stayed with other men with a similar experience. But if Jari drinks alcohol during the holidays, he must immediately leave his hiding place.

Jari gets a little nervous when it’s time for the traditional drug test at the end of the show. When he realizes that there is no way out, he tells Ewout that he has relapsed. “I used cocaine again. Once. Because I came out of hiding. Then he tells his family. “I’m really sorry and I’m really sorry, but it’s the truth. His family says they are not surprised. “You saw the difference in their behavior,” Wilberti said. †

In the end, Jari promises change. “This won’t happen again.” Anne Wilberti says she is afraid of a relapse. In a later update from Jari, this fear turns out to be justified. “I’ve had a few more relapses,” he says. “Drugs, alcohol. It’s really not easy. But it is a thousand times better than before. It has helped.”

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