Posters stolen on TikTok and #1 on Spotify: Antoon hit after blow

Posters stolen on TikTok and #1 on Spotify: Antoon hit after blow

Anyone who has watched the Netherlands in recent weeks is greeted with posters promoting Antoon’s single. HeyAs part of the TikTok trend, the . The singer currently dominates Spotify in the Netherlands, with two songs in the top three of the charts. But who is this Antoon, who has built up a great career during quarantine?

When Antoon strikes in 2020 pantingit suddenly appears. The twenty-year-old singer has been making progress for several years. Antoon, born in Valentijn Verkerk, dropped out of pre-university education at the age of fifteen and became the youngest student at the Herman Brood Academy. There the young artist meets rapper Big2 (Twan van Steenhoven of The Opposites) who teaches in the group.

Soon there is a click and the student ends the deal with their teacher’s tag, DreamTeam. pantingIt is Antoon’s first self-produced song to be released through his record label. The song is trending on TikTok and has already reached more than 32 million streams on Spotify. Shortly after, her first full-length ten-track album was released. the night is oursI

Although Antoon’s music is regularly referred to as hip-hop, in his early years the artist mainly focused on EDM (Electronic Dance Music). He is influenced by 80s disco and pop music that he grew up with at home. Hip-hop influences are also increasingly present in a style that the label should describe as “Hip Pop”.

Good luck in every session

The EP was re-released just a few months after the album. Holy water, who saves Antoon with Big2. Number Good With 26 million streams on Spotify, it will be the next big hit.

“Working with him in the studio helps him see the way forward through the chaos,” Big2 says of his patronage on the podcast. never sleep again† “How come when you and I go into the studio, we always have a tube at the end of the night?” the rapper asks loudly. According to Big2, every session he does with Antoon results in at least one song he wants to release, which is unusual.

Big2 is not the only artist with whom Antoon has collaborated successfully. Number boots a hit with almost fifteen million streams on Spotify together with rapper and producer Paul Sinha.

The biggest chart success was as follows: emergency laneCollaboration with Kris Kross Amsterdam and singer Sigourney K. have you ever been sweet The song, written by Olivia Newton-John, reached number two in the Top 40 and has been one of the most streamed songs on Spotify in the Netherlands for weeks. The counter currently stands at around 26 million and more than 150,000 are added every day.

Posters in student houses

Antoon didn’t wait for his success emergency lane panicked before filming another run on the charts. With three songs, it is currently one of the top five most streamed songs on Spotify in the Netherlands. First place with his new single HeyShe won the S10 with her Eurovision song depth love first. his number three hotel schooltaken from ep HeyIt was published last Friday.

To promote the new record, posters with Antoon’s portrait have been distributed in recent weeks. “Hello Amsterdam” can be read on copies that appear in the capital, but every major municipality has its own impression.

Shortly after the posters were distributed, Antoon’s popularity no longer seems to be limited to his music. There is a trend emerging on TikTok, where young women armed with scissors and other poster-peeling tools take to the streets to take copies of themselves into their dorm rooms or on their beds. Radio SLAM! “After all, this is a better promotion than the boards themselves.”

Due to the corona measures surrounding his breakthrough, Antoon has now been able to hold several sold-out shows in, among others, Paradiso in Amsterdam. In the coming weeks, he will give four sold-out concerts in Tilburg, Groningen, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Source: NU