Resistance Foundation wants Story of the Netherlands to edit WWII episode

Resistance Foundation wants Story of the Netherlands to edit WWII episode

The Jacoba van Tongeren Foundation, which supports Dutch resistance fighters, wants the NTR to broadcast the last episode of the historic program. Dutch history as it can be customized. According to the foundation, the chapter incorrectly states that the resistance in the Netherlands has “quickly extinguished”.

Name II. Named after Jacoba van Tongeren, who led the resistance group Group 2000 during World War II, the foundation wrongly believes that the program belittles the work of the Dutch resistance against the German occupation.

The last episode of the hit historical series, which was broadcast on NPO2 on April 13, was all about how the Netherlands developed during the war. Presenter Daan Schuurmans said there, among other things, that “the resistance is quickly fading” and that “only a few dare to take action”.

Paul van Tongeren, chairman of the board of the foundation and a descendant of Jacoba van Tongeren, describes the image as “very false” and “a slap in the face for all Dutch people who risk their lives for freedom in their fight against injustice and injustice. .” oppression”.

He asks the broadcaster to adapt the episode on behalf of dozens of descendants of well-known and lesser-known resistance fighters. “In this way we want to ensure that viewers get the right picture of the Dutch resistance during repeated broadcasts and especially when used in schools.

NTR “of course takes the criticism of the foundation seriously,” a spokesperson told the newspaper. FATHER know, know. “We’ll take a good look at that and come back later.”

Source: NU