Major festivals are faced with a huge staff shortage: ‘A major challenge’

Major festivals are faced with a huge staff shortage: ‘A major challenge’

Organizers of major festivals such as Lowlands, Down The Rabbit Hole and Pinkpop, as well as theaters and pop theaters, are struggling with a major staff shortage. Some employees have left the industry in the past two years and have not come back.

Staff shortages are an important theme for the Lowlands and Down The Rabbit Hole organization this year. A spokesperson for the news agency: “Many freelancers work in our industry and during the corona crisis they had to look for other work because there were no festivals. Now they have other jobs and we realize that.” FATHERI

This concerns technicians and security guards, but also medical staff or people behind the bar. The spokesperson speaks of “a nice challenge”.

The industry has set up a special website to recruit people. Vacancies for side jobs, flexible jobs and permanent jobs will be shared later. According to the spokesperson, there is “too much enthusiasm” to work at a festival, but that remains a concern.

The Lowlands organization, which takes place in August, is currently moving according to the recruitment calendar. “We expect it to work, but we definitely need to add people. More attention is needed than in previous years.”

In addition, more staff is needed now than in previous years. Some events have been overrun or the organizers want to fill the financial vacuum created by the corona crisis with additional events.

Pinkpop struggles with a shortage of security guards and construction workers

Pinkpop is also having trouble finding enough staff. The organization notices this especially from suppliers.

“Just like in recent years, we can again count on (semi) volunteers from the space behind the bar, but it is difficult to find people for construction or security,” said a spokesperson. He expects, among other things, that the queues at the entrance will be longer.

Pinkpop takes place in June. The organization has decided to build the festival this week, five weeks earlier than usual.

Source: NU