Expedition Robinson: All Stars has a (predictable) winner

Expedition Robinson: All Stars has a (predictable) winner

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the finale. Robinson Expedition: All Stars.

21 days ago, they started the final battle of the titans: 18 former candidates reached the final or semi-final of one of the last 23 seasons. Robinson Expedition reaches. Knowing how to survive on a desert island and endure the hard life, ambitious and ambitious again embarked on an adventure, and it soon became clear: this expedition is a showdown between heavyweights.

Ferry, Niels and Dominique eventually reached the final. It was no surprise that Niels managed to secure a spot. He spent half of his time on Winners Island. That is why he is looking forward to the victory: “I have had a great adventure, made new friends and also won many times. It was really magnificent. The finish is so close, that gives too much energy to finish last. push. Now I want to win too.

For Ferry, a place in the final always looks unreal. Say: “enthusiasm kind of a hunger, a rollercoaster of rain – we had days where it rained for two, three hours and you were in your poncho – you wake up at night because it keeps on raining. Also a beautiful sun. Making new friends; You have very nice and intense conversations with each other. Share the joy and pain. You also fart at each other, they are real friends and family.”

IRobinson Expedition an adventure and to be able to experience it twice is indescribable and very privileged. I feel like a privileged person.”

Dominique is very proud to be in the final for the second time as an unknown Dutchman. “I am very happy that I can experience everything again. Again, I’m in a beautiful place with the nicest people. angry taste,” he says. “I really enjoyed it. I have a really great experience. It’s the best and most beautiful adventure I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve been able to do it twice.”

Nice words, but in the final it sounds different. Lead, but really heavy.

The goal of the endgame is for you to use a crossbow to make three. Robinsonsymbols. Participants do this with arrows they find on the track they are viewing. But while who normally wins remains exciting until the last minute, it is immediately clear that Niels can call himself the winner this season. There is a crossbow in the house, so he shoots all three arrows at once.

“A Robinson Expedition“For me, the championship is like a childhood dream come true,” he said. “I am very happy, excited and very proud of myself, now I can really be. I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend and son.”

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Source: RTL