Unique: mr. Frank Visser always makes a statement with a happy ending

Unique: mr.  Frank Visser always makes a statement with a happy ending

“We always keep it neat and clean and then we have the right to buy first,” say Jack and Helen. But neighbor Egon thinks otherwise. He thinks he can sell this land to anyone he wants. Especially not to Jack and Helen, and they did that to each other.

His neighbor Egon lives and works in Italy and therefore wants to sell his land, which is currently used as a house. “This is a one-way street that uses and abuses what doesn’t belong to them. That has been the case for years, he explains. If these people were really interested in the country, they should have contacted me normally. And not to threaten legal action.”

The neighbors are now completely done with it and this well-known Zeeland sober is nowhere to be seen. It is therefore high time that Master Visser moved to Krabbendijke to put an end to this persistent conflict.

Jack and Helen feel they have a right to this place, having used it for nearly 40 years. They don’t even care about the place, the main thing is the view. All is well, but in the end neighbor Egon remains determined: he does not want to sell the land to Jack and Helen. And according to Master Visser, he doesn’t have to.

Jack and Helen must also expel their belongings from the country within four weeks with a fine of 100 euros – up to 10,000 euros per day. All hope is not lost, however: the neighbor gives them a second chance.

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Source: RTL