Johan Derksen’s Blues tour completely canceled

Johan Derksen’s Blues tour completely canceled

Johan Derksen’s blues tour has been completely cancelled. AT Next decided last week to end the collaboration with Derksen, the ‘singmaster’ of The Sound of The Blues & Americana. Performances would have continued without him, but in “consultation with the group” the tour has now been cancelled.

AT Next does not want to comment further on the decision.

Agency left the future of cooperation hanging on Derksen’s apology last week in today He would bid on “the story of the candles”. When that apology was not made last Thursday, AT Next decided not to proceed with it.

Derksen came under fire last week after he was arrested on Tuesday VII He said he entered an unconscious woman with a candle in the 1970s, and later nuanced this story. According to Talpa, SBS6 had to apologize for the show, but announced that he would stop the talk show instead. Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp also resigned.

Source: NU