The Batman is the second-highest-grossing premiere since the pandemic –

Producer Warner Bros. had high hopes for this reinvention of the film. batmanfew people dared to push the limit of total sales above 100 million on its debut.

In the first week of the week in US cinemas, the version starring Robert Pattinson surpassed all previous versions of the DC superhero, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) reached USD 166 million in collections.

It was also the highest grossing film to date for director Matt Reeves. Planet of the Apes: Breaking Dawn (2014) at $73 million.

Batman – Official Trailer

batman also marked the distance undiscovered† At $50 million, this is the best US premiere of 2022 yet.

In other words, the spectacular premiere of this new Batman grossed more in three days than the entire commercial career of movies as a hit. dunesIt is the second most nominated film at the 2022 Oscars with ten nominations.

However, Bruce Wayne’s latest adventure (Batman’s true identity) is a long way from the film’s historic premiere. Spider-Man: No Homecoming (Sony and Marvel Studios) grossed $260 million in North American theaters last December.

Still the highest grossing film of all time avengers endgameIt reached $357 million in its first weekend ticket sales in the US on April 26, 2019.

Source: Ulti Mahora