Actor and director Hans Croiset (86) says goodbye to the stage

Actor and director Hans Croiset (86) says goodbye to the stage

Actor and director Hans Croiset (86) stops acting. He confirmed this on Friday afternoon after a message. HP/Time† It’s starting to get too heavy for him. “This is a top sport and if I come fourth it will not be enough for me,” said the two-time Louis d’Or winner.

He also thinks it’s a “good idea”. “Without corona I would have stopped two years ago, but I still had so many dates,” she said shortly before the rehearsal on Friday afternoon. we will see him soon endgameIt can be seen until June.

Croiset made a splash a few years ago with his starring role in the film. Father, in which he plays a man with dementia. The rendition was widely praised. He also received the second highest award for an actor, the Louis d’Or.

In addition to acting, he was often seen in television and movies. Last week she was still adored on TV in her rerun. A bridge far awayFamous English language film with a leading international cast about the Battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden. He has also acted in series such as: Doctor Dane and pupilsI

Croiset comes from a real acting family and made her debut almost seventy years ago. He is the son of actor and director Max Croiset and actress Jeanne Verstraete. He was a much sought-after director and was also a director. He founded Publiekstheater, formed Het Nationale Toneel and created Het Toneel Speelt.

He has also written several books such as autobiographies. Badhuisweg and a book about Joost van den Vondel.

Source: NU