Viewers love to dance with the royal couple during the concert on May 5

The King and Queen are traditionally present at the concert on May 5, but had to miss the concert for the past two years due to the corona pandemic. That they were really looking forward to it was evident last night from the enthusiasm on their faces. The duo openly enjoyed performances by the likes of Anita Meyer, Tania Kross, rapper Fresku and rock band Navarone.

It turns out that Willem-Alexander is a huge fan of Anita because when she sang the song “Tell Me Why”, Anita really went crazy. To please the audience:

The royal couple’s exuberant behavior may be part of their charm aggression. Here’s something royal family expert Annemarie de Kunder has mentioned before:

Interested in the concert on May 5? The entire concert can be viewed on the NPO website.

Source: RTL