Marvel and DC finally have the modern crossover on Team Visionary Fan Art – Ups –

Marvel and DC finally have the modern crossover on Team Visionary Fan Art – Ups –

As the two biggest names in the comic book industry, Marvel Comics AND DC Comics They have crossed many times in the history of their publication, but the comic book Vasko Georgiev A great series unveiled of art A piece that combines classic and new characters and villains in a perfectly realized simulated cover. Not only is Georgiev’s art amazing, but he’s clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the pairings he’s made as the teams work incredibly well in terms of personality, abilities and layout.

There have been instances where characters from DC and Marvel have teamed up, such as when X-Men and Teen Titans battled together in Darkside. Uncanny X-Men and the new Teen Titans. Publisher characters literally destroyed the world of Amalgam or fought each other in the popular 2003 miniseries. JLA / Avengers By Kurt Buziek and George Perez. However, these crossovers are always made over the years and often involve startups and shutdowns because the two big companies disagree on certain issues, so they happen very rarely. Georgiev’s art shows how the comics would have found it if their world had simply existed in the same reality, in a beautifully painted, modern form that would delight any fan.

Vasko Georgiev is a rising star in the comic book world and is known for illustrating the art of dynamite. Deja TorisWho recently announced that they will be performing art for the upcoming DC miniseries Aquaman and Flash: Voidsong† It’s included twitter he revealed 20 The art of his fans, as a team, at the same time says: «2020 was my DC/Marvel Crossover year!And he has clearly worked hard in 2020 as his admirer’s art is stunning, incredibly creative and very well thought out. Georgiev took the cover of his crossword even further by creating his own Marvel/DC Crossover logo, which he placed in the corner box of each simulated cover, and by using the font of the title of the most famous character from which the covers to exist. incredibly legal.

Violent but sometimes honorable in a classic team of anti-heroes, DC’s Poison Ivy and Marvel’s Mystique come together to create a flash drive, their passion and ferocity shine through their beautiful covers. Another team that makes sense they just are It needs Dardville and Batman team up on the streets to investigate crimes and defeat enemies, a couple that truly instills fear in the hearts of all criminals and is likely to create a strong traumatic bond between the two characters. For a straightforward atrocity, Georgiev has combined Parallax and Phoenix, two cosmic-level threats that are actually classic characters, but both fall into the hands of a dark force that can no longer be controlled. The art of Dr. Strange and Zatana, two extremely powerful mages who from time to time saved their world from the invasion of supernatural beings, prove that they were a nearly perfect team.

As a comic book artist, Georgiev clearly has an incredible eye for composition and title, and his art is perfect for the modern crossover of Marvel and DC characters. Along with the popular JLA / Avengers The miniseries, which will be released for the first time in years in honor of George Perez and his battle with cancer, could make DC and Marvel realize how much they love fans when their worlds intersect, and we’ll have another amalgamation-like world. . in the near future. In any case, be sure to check it out. Vasko Georgievfrom Twitter to see all the beauty of art Among the teams you created Marvel Comics AND DC Comics And stay tuned for your exciting upcoming projects!

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