Local newspapers refuse to put Democracy Forum on election page

Some newspapers and weeklies in the Northern Netherlands refuse to include the Forum for Democracy (FVD) on their election pages prior to the municipal elections. These are no fewer than seven titles from Mediahuis Noord in Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Flevoland.

The FVD does not appear on the election pages in the free local papers of Leeuwarden, Achtkarspelen, Groningen, Emmen, Hoogeveen, Urk and Lelystad. All other parties are represented.

On election pages, political parties are calling out the upcoming municipal elections and the leaders of their policies.

“It was a conscious choice not to include the Democracy Forum,” says editor Evert van Dijk. The heart of the Netherlands. “We’ve decided not to skip the party sooner, but we don’t want to try to spread ideas and stir things up.”

Members of the Democracy Forum regularly accuse the media of being impartial. Foreman Thierry Baudet previously said that he and his party members were “undermined by journalists”.

The party has also fallen out of favor on several occasions. For example, the rejected demonstrations that the FVD organized against the corona measures and the racist statements in the party’s enforcement groups have been leaked many times. Last year Baudet wrote on the FVD site that he was in a constant state of ‘agitation’.

NVJ: “Tell the reader why the choice was made”

Paul Teixeira, secretary of the Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ), says that it is up to the newspaper itself to buy something. However, he emphasizes that it is good to “map the whole landscape” when painting a political picture.

The NVJ believes that the decision to exclude FVD should be published in the newspaper, which is not the case with all local newspapers. “You then tell the reader for what editorial reason the choice was made. Explain it transparently, because you remember the information for the reader,” explains Teixeira.

Source: NU