“Turning Red”, a Pixar movie made by women in a man’s world

After bringing dolls, cars, monsters or robots to life, parodying superheroes or talking about the soul and feelings, Pixar now fully enters the complex puberty of a girl in “To blush”and he does it with a team full of women, in a world, that of animation, eminently male.

the director is Domee Shiewho signs the script next to julia cho and Sarah Streicherand the main producer is Lindsay Collins, In addition to female professionals responsible for many of the technicalities of a film that premieres this Friday, Disney+

“We are starting to see women who stand out after being in the ranks for a long time. And of course, from a management point of view, we are going to start to see how the doors are suddenly opened and there are a lot of women behind it,” Shi explained in a interview with EFE in Madrid.

Joined by Collins, the director of “Turning Red” admits that there weren’t many women in the field when she started out in the world of animation – she joined Pixar in 2011 as an intern – but she assures that she has always felt supported by the company. and his companions.

Both in his previous works in “Inside Out” (2015), “Incredibles 2” (2018) or “Toy Story 4” (2019), and in his delightful short “Bao” (2018), which won him the Oscar for best animated short film

Source: El heraldo