Fifteen channels buy the Zelensky series, another twenty are interested –

comedy series servant of the peoplePlayed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, it has already been acquired by fifteen companies. More than twenty channels and streaming services are in talks with the Swedish company that manages the streaming rights.

The Ukrainian political satire series from 2016 can already be seen on the British channel 4, ANT1 in Greece and PRO TV in Romania. Nicola Soderlund, co-founder of distributor Eccho Rights, says: AFP These apps come from all over the world.

“We are currently negotiating with Latin America, the United States and Netflix,” he said. In Italy, the four chains would challenge the rights. According to the distributor, this is a kind of solidarity with the Ukrainians, “but at the same time everyone wants to see without wondering who Zelensky is.”

servant of the people is a fictional series in which a teacher (Zelensky) is elected president after a diatribe from a student about the situation in the country. In total, three seasons were filmed. Soderlund, who met Zelensky several times and described him as “a man full of good and crazy ideas,” says: “The series is a comedy, but also an important document about Zelensky’s origins.”

Source: NU