Kaiju No. 8 Twist Proves Fans Didn’t Appreciate the Power of Evil

Warning! front spoilers Kaiju No8 Chapter 57

The so-called Tenth Kaiju, which carried out such a successful attack on the armed forces that the anti-Kaiju organization had to completely reorganize its structure, is not as strong as it seems. Kaiju No8 Fans initially believed it.

When the monster debuted in Chapter 24 of Mangaka Naoya Matsumoto, Kaiju No. As a result, the organization had no choice but to move all division members to other divisions of the armed forces, a restructuring that is still in effect today. In fact, the monsters were so powerful that the armed forces decided to give the creature its numbered designation for the particularly powerful and influential Kaiju, it was the tenth and third total last year.

But as Kaiju No. 10 tells himself in Chapter 57 of Vice President Soshiro Hoshina, that he is really just a prototype created by the ninth humanoid Kaiju. This is especially concerning because Kaiju No. 10 is registered as capable of generating a strength of 9.0, a numbering system created by the armed forces that measures Kaiju strength on a scale of 1 to 10. The fact that it is only small. The number of Defense Forces members can successfully capture the monster’s power of 9.5, a number that is significantly reduced when more than one Kaiju is involved at the same rank, putting it in the position of an anti-war organization. † – Kaiju in a very sad light. There is also the possibility of Kaiju No. Future monsters created by 9 will potentially exceed the defense strength scale, in turn defeating their strongest warriors who can mimic those monsters’ abilities with just 10. Kafka Hibino himself, when transformed into the eighth Kaiju in the series, has a power of 9.8.

Kaiju No. 8 Twist Confirms Fans Didn't Underestimate Him

But there are more alarming warnings that are more worrisome than bad calculations. Vice Captain Soshiro presents these findings at the Defense Forces All Division Leaders Conference and comes to the understandable conclusion that cooperation is the only hope for success. This may seem like a trivial matter, but when you see how these members relate to each other early on, it turns out that there is no repercussion. Their earlier scenes show that they can’t sit in a room without little matches screaming. At first, it looked like Mangaka Naoya Matsumoto was blatantly helping one of Shonen’s sweeping use of comically over-the-top interacting characters who aren’t in the best relationship. But it was actually a well-executed prediction of how desperate his condition was, based on Soshiro’s subsequent assessment and the medication offered.

The prospect of bridging these divides is also an effective use of world-building, which is a logical continuation of previous developments. Previously, most of the story revolved around three divisions, as that was Kafka’s original job when he joined the armed forces. After the tenth Kaiju attack on your base, Kaiju No8 It introduced the reader to the first volume when Kafka was redistributed there. Now fans can watch Kafka deal with the entire defense as he reunites with his former teammates who have been assigned to different divisions. In addition, the ability of these future monsters to go beyond the Defense Forces 1-10 strength range is another effective use of the usual Sch შnen trope, with the initial understanding of the “strength” range, for example, suddenly becoming obsolete. dragon sphereEnter a level past Super Cyan. At least there was time. Kafka can already reach a strength of 9.8. It’s a little too strong. But it seems that’s not the case anymore Kaiju No8

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