The Voice nominees: “We know there are more victims” –

The Voice nominees: “We know there are more victims” –

Three alleged victims of sexual misconduct on the show the voice of the Netherlands They say they have heard first hand that many more victims have fallen in a conversation with These women will not want to file a report with the police for various reasons. This raises questions about the power of their own stories. ‘What if I don’t believe it? †

Lawyer Sébas Diekstra confirmed that there were several behind-the-scenes conversations with people whose stories decided not to go to the police. The confidential counselor is currently assisting five women who have submitted or submitted a complaint. “It is possible that other women will come forward to tell their stories in the near future,” the lawyer said.

Three candidates talk about an uncertain time on They had hoped for more reports and expressed their concerns. They fear that their stories will not be convincing enough when he goes to court. because they are shocked blame the victim They anonymously tell their story to women who openly tell what happened to them.

The experiences of other victims can reinforce their story and show that they are a model. And they know there are more victims than personal stories.

Later BOREDpublication since the beginning of this year about the alleged misconduct Sound women and other former candidates visited each other and shared their experiences. Featuring sexually explicit comments and messages, as well as unwanted touching and kissing by people on the show. Names are known on

These women have deliberately chosen not to tell their story. There is a fear of coming out of anonymity about candidates’ thoughts. Others say they gave him a place. There is understanding, but there is also uncertainty. “Soon I’ll be there all alone and no one will believe me.”

BORED as a driver of abuse reports

From the interviews of with the three candidates, the picture emerges of women who do not dare to speak when their boundaries are exceeded. If they did, they laughed at him. The pressure of the program and the fear of being blown away in case of delay led to a reticent attitude. This was further reinforced by the silence agreement recognized by – in which it was clear that any expression from outside would lead to heavy fines.

This silence has been broken BORED† Earlier this year, this program acted as a catalyst for women to tell their stories of sexually abusive behavior to women. SoundI

There are currently at least 5.21 reports about group leader Jeroen Rietbergen, coach Ali B and director Martijn N. A complaint against Marco Borsato is separate from the investigation. Sound† Whether the allegations are based on reality, whether there is a criminal offense and whether this leads to prosecution is the subject of investigation by the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

women are scared blame the victim

All three women questioned by reported to the police. In a personal story, they tell what happened to them in the studio that they didn’t feel safe enough to share with anyone upstairs. Women tell their experiences separately from each other. They don’t know each other’s past.

“You feel very vulnerable,” said one candidate, referring to the size of the program. The three women say they gained experience in their own way, that the program produced ideal candidates, but lost track of the people.

And they had a hard time expressing themselves in this environment. A kiss on the mouth was accepted by a candidate with the thought: it’s part of it. Another contestant shares the comment that the emphasis is on her looks, not her singing.

According to the same woman, this took place in an environment where it was normal to make sexually explicit comments. A makeup artist told her not to wear lipstick because it would act like a red rag to a bull. In retrospect, he considers this comment a warning. also saw a job interview in which one candidate encouraged another candidate to be very careful when communicating with an insider. SoundI

When another candidate spoke out against Rietbergen after a sexually explicit remark, Rietbergen was asked if he knew who she was. “The other men present were silent,” he said.

Secret Advisors Not Everyone Knew

There was a long process leading up to the tour, even before a seat was turned during the live show. Women believe that not only singing, but also personal preferences determine who advances to the next round. It created a sense of dependency and perhaps a supposed culture in which the abuse of power could thrive.

Women lived with the idea that they should be friends with everyone. According to one of the participants, their participation in the competition was also spoken out loud. Sound can be terminated at any time. And that with a program that has been leading for years and offers them the chance of a coveted music career.

Two in three women say they have never been referred to a trusted person. They suspect it is there. The third competitor says he was a confidant the year he joined. She would never dare approach him.

The question is whether there is a culture of power.

The stories of these women are characteristic of a culture of power within them. Sound, it’s hard to say. after publication BORED more women said they had experienced the same. They are talking about abuse of power. On the other hand, there are people who say that they fondly remember the time they spent in the Hilversum studios. People who work for the program, such as John de Mol, say they don’t get it.

The show’s producer, ITV, hopes to gain insight into what is going on with the show through an investigation led by law firm Van Doorne. Sound† He said he has made progress recently, but critics question the independence of this investigation.

Can a law firm conduct critical and independent research into a program if it serves the interests of ITV (a company that can file a complaint with Talpa or De Mol in the event of a certain outcome)? According to several lawyers, that is not the case. VVD called here parliamentary questions about.

ITV has been asked about the existence of undercover advisers and the independence of the investigation. is still waiting for a response.

Source: NU