How safe is the anonymous messaging app trending on Instagram?

If you are a frequent user of the instagram social network surely you have already seen the anonymous questions app in several stories. In the past few days, millions of people have decided to download ‘NGL’ so that their followers can ask them questions and they can share their answers in the ‘stories’.

The application, whose acronym “NGL” stands for “Not Gonna Lie” (I’m not gonna lie), was launched in November 2021 in California, United States and hide the name of the person submitting the questionbut their identities can be discovered if the person pays between $1.99, 6.99, or even $9.99 to receive a series of “clues” revealing their name.

Whether it’s to find out how many secret admirers they have or just because the curiosity was greater, people have found a way to pass the time in this application. But there are very few who follow the terms and conditions of the apps

Same app clarified that once the user downloads the application and accepts the privacy policy, it will grant different permissions to collect, use and share your personal information (including with business partners and third-party services).

Here are some of the permissions:

  • Collects registration and account information: such as username, profile picture and a general location.
  • Collects information about network and internet activity. Details such as site usage, frequency of use, engagement with certain features, and which sections of the site are most visited.
    It may also collect information about the browser you are using, your IP address and device IDs.
  • It collects location information using the IP address.
  • You can send push notifications to your mobile device, if enabled, to verify your account and for informational and operational purposes, such as account management, customer service, system maintenance and other related services.
  • Collects information such as your messages and other submissions to the application service, which is intended to facilitate the creation of publicly available information and content.
  • Even if you make an in-app purchase, you can get details about the payment method you used.

It is worth clarifying that ‘NGL’, like any other application you already have in your mobile device, yes or yes, it requires a series of essential permissions for its operation. In principle, it poses no implied danger, but it is always advisable to proceed with caution with these apps that go viral.

In these cases, the main recommendations are: to check that the permissions requested are consistent with the use given to the app and are clear about the use the application gives to your personal data.

Source: El heraldo