Two onboard swimming pools and the tilting mast: the six-deck ship that looks like Poseidon’s trident


Trident is the first ship ever built with a mast that rotates 360° and tilts to fit under any bridge.

Author: Clara Salzano

The six-story ship that looks like a trident

Called the Trident, the new yacht designed by designer Steve Kozloff is the first six-deck boat inspired by Poseidon's trident. The unveiled design is the concept of a 100-meter double-masted trimaran. The original yacht has two dedicated helipads on board and a mast that can rotate 360 ​​degrees to make the ship turn in any direction when the sails are raised or lowered.

The ship designed by Steve Kozloff is spread over several levels for an internal surface of 474 square meters. The yacht includes the 64 square meter amateur suite in the bow, two other suites in the bow of the two smaller hulls and ten cabins for a total of 26 passengers, in addition to space for 20 crew on board.

Thanks to the Solid Sail system, the Trident's masts can tilt 70 degrees so the ship can pass under any deck. On board there are also two swimming pools, a large beach club on the main hull with retractable decks, space for tenders and seaplanes. Telescopic cranes are also provided on the boat's masts for loading and unloading supplies and miscellaneous objects. There are also two onboard spas on the bow and aft of the main hull.

The trees that lean to the edge
The trees that lean to the edge

The ship's interior design features curved walls and huge glass windows that allow the surrounding seascape to enter inside. Floor-to-ceiling windows also characterize the upstairs lounge, which features a bar and entertainment room. There's even room on board for a submarine. And thanks to a system of heated elements such as doors and handrails, even the most arctic conditions can be traversed because ice formation is minimal. The cost of the Trident ship, which takes the form of the three-pronged spear of Poseidon, the Greek god, is around 330 million euros.

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