‘Filósofo’, the Barranquilla native who dominates freestyle competition in Colombia

viral”, perhaps the most famous word on social networks in recent years. who has? Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsAppYou must have come across a video with thousands of views.

That happened with rap fights recently. This concept, where through this musical genre two opponents fight to rhyme better than the other, has been more important in Colombia and Barranquilla recently, mainly thanks to the Freestyle Master Seriesa competition organized by the company Urban Roosters

Although it is not the only platform in Colombia, nor the first to organize this type of event, the FMS arrived in the country from Spain with great worldwide support, with competitions in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru and of course Spain.

Barranquillero is a participant in this competition Gerson Enrique Plata Barriosbetter known as ‘Philosopher’, who in a conversation with El HERALDO revealed to us what it means for him to participate in this competition and what expectations he has for the days to come.

Source: El heraldo