Netflix, 25 years the powerful streaming leader

1997. De DVD appears as one of the most revolutionary technologies. However, playing a movie or series was not as easy as it is now.

At the time, in order to be able to view audiovisual content, in many cases one had to go to a video club and buy or rent the desired equipment.

Thus, amid the reigns of companies such as Blockbuster, worldwide, or Tarzam and Betatonio in Colombia, appeared Netflix.

The company was in charge of rent the most famous productions of the moment with two distinguishing features.

The ability for your customers to subscription monthly $20 to keep the DVDs for weeks and the ability to watch entire sagas or seasons of series in a row made the company stand out from the competition.

Such was the idea of Reed Hastings Y Marc Randolph It was formed as the giant that would raise a capital of $36,000 million for content distribution.

The rise of the DVD, a Catalog The initial production of some 1,000 titles and the flexibility to return the films up to a week later shaped a business idea that has grown over the decades into a business phenomenon with more than 11,500 employees.

“They weren’t the only ones offering these services at the time, but they’ve since managed to lead the market with great solvency,” explains Syracuse University (USA) professor and founder of the Beleir Center for Television. Robert J Thompsonin an interview with the EFE office.

In 2002 the company went public with a value of one dollars per share and five years later, the start of the “streaming” format caused its assets to skyrocket.

Source: El heraldo