Prejudice about Salvo Sottile: “For years they thought I only talked about tragedies”

The conductor, ready for a new season with “I Fatti Vostri” took away the prejudice of the man “who only talks about tragedies”. The interview on Who.

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

For the second consecutive season, Except Subtle he is ready to take charge of “I Fatti Vostri”, a program that with his presence has certainly had a positive response in terms of freshness and rejuvenation. In an interview with “Chi” the conductor removes some pebbles from his shoe: “Since I can make you smile too?”

The words of Salvo Sottile

The thousand rebirths of Salvo Sottile. First as correspondent for Sicily for Rg5, then regent in the “Fourth series” and again “Before Dawn”, describing the men and women who live under the cover of darkness. Now, at the dawn of the 1950s, life and atmosphere have changed:

For years I was considered the one who only spoke of tragedies. Thanks to “I Fatti Vostri” I also showed my sunny side. I think I found my dimension. We came from the countless seasons led by Magalli, they gave us 1% and I think Giancarlo was waiting any day to be called back to come to our rescue. Then, though, we found favor with the public thanks to the family atmosphere we created. There is great harmony with Anna Falchi and also with Michele Guardì, who has been driving this car for 32 years, a record. We managed to double the audience, and we hope to stay in this medium in an increasingly fragmented TV

Inner change and the relationship with children

Salvo Sottile was married from 2004 to 2019 to colleague Sarah Varetto of Sky Italia. The two have two children, Giuseppe and Maya. The separation triggered the change:

I was bulimic at work and in life. Now I try to have time for myself, for my loved ones, for my health. I eat well, I play sports, I realized that it helps me. Before, I looked like the investigator of a noir book: I ate, I smoked a lot, I would have a bad ending. Then I felt my body reborn.

And in children: “I’m a simple parent who believes I can learn from them. The hardest thing with teenagers is getting them interested, because they tend to isolate themselves with their smartphones, they use their language less. But I’m lucky, my kids still come with me to eat. a pizza and they tell me about their life”.

Source: Fan Page IT