Floriana and Federico from Ilha da Temptation broke up: “The reasons are many and very particular”

Floriana and Federico from Ilha da Temptation broke up: “The reasons are many and very particular”

Floriana Angélica and Federico Rasa, a former couple from Ilha da Temptation, separated after more than four years together. The ad with a story on Instagram: “The reasons are many and private, sorry it ended like this”.

Author: Elisabetta Murina

Floriana Angelica AND Frederico Rasa yea they are left. The two former protagonists of Temptation Island, who participated in the ninth edition of the show, ended the relationship after leaving the show together. The announcement was made through a story posted on Instagram.

The separation announcement

It was Floriana, with a story posted on Instagram, to announce that love with Federico came to an end for some time now. Regarding the reasons that led to the breakup after more than four years together, the ex-couple preferred to keep it a secret:

The reasons are many and very private, so I kindly ask you not to ask why we are no longer together. It’s not cheating or anything like that. All couples after several years of relationship, especially living together, can have problems, periods of crisis, but to overcome this period it takes a lot of good will on both sides. […]

Floriana says she tried to fix the situation, but despite her attempts to make amends, moving away was the best way:

I tried with all my heart to save this story, I’m not a person who gives up easy, I’m a person who always fights, especially for love and especially if you really believe in that love. I feel like it ended up like this between him and me, we had so many projects together, we were already a family, me, him and little Chloe. But every now and then you have to come back clear, think with your head and not with your heart, make a point when you need to.

The story between Floriana and Federico

The couple participated in the 2021 edition of Temptation Island to test their love. After the third bonfire of the showdown, they decided to exit the show together and continue their story. After the show ended, they continued to live out their love out of the spotlight but remained quite active on their respective social profiles. Their relationship lasted more than four years but today they announced the decision that they went their separate ways some time ago. “many reasons and very particular”.

Source: Fan Page IT