Caterina Balivo’s children’s first day of school: she accompanies them with the checkered mini suit

Caterina Balivo’s children’s first day of school: she accompanies them with the checkered mini suit

First day of school for Cora and Guido Alberto, Caterina Balivo’s children. The TV presenter took a souvenir photo with them, wearing a cheerful and different suit, consisting of a jacket and shorts.

Author: Giusy Dente

September brings everyone back to reality, to daily routine, to appointments postponed or postponed during the summer holidays. But once the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to work or, in the case of the little ones, on the school tables. These days it has been everyone’s turn, including the children of some celebrities, who as proud and proud mothers have not given up on a usual photo, immortalize the fateful moment of the fateful first day of school. This too Caterina Balivo with their children Guido Alberto and Cora.

Back to school for celebrity kids

Elisabetta Gregoraci celebrated the start of the new academic year for Nathan Falco Briatore, enrolled in an institute in Montecarlo. like her too Alessia Marcuszi, which showed her daughter Mia Facchinetti in a school uniform on social media: two drops of water! Isabel Totti started the first grade: her mother Ilary Blasi accompanied her to school, to be present on such an important day. And also Belen Rodriguez did the same, accompanying Santiago De Martino to class. Last in order of time to face her children’s “back to school” is Caterina Balivo.

“Mother at work, children at school”

Caterina Balivo is currently busy testing “Lingo”, which will premiere on September 12 in La7. The presenter’s new program is a quiz based on Italian-language word games and puzzles, which will see three pairs of competitors compete night after night, linked by kinship, friendship or love. Before heading to the set, the 42-year-old accompanied the two children to schoolborn of her marriage to financial manager Guido Maria Brera.

blush she is the little girl of the house: she is 5 years old, while her brother Guido Alberto celebrated last May 10th. Caterina Balivo wanted to immortalize the big day of the two children’s return to school and then went to work, wearing an original and different, decidedly cheerful suit, composed of plaid blazer and shorts, paired with low-heeled sandals with ankle laces. “Mother at work and children at school“, he commented on Instagram, showing behind the scenes of the show.

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