Signorini provokes Sonia Bruganelli: “She immediately accepted the Gf Vip, she never said no to me”

Signorini provokes Sonia Bruganelli: “She immediately accepted the Gf Vip, she never said no to me”

Alfonso Signorini teases Sonia Bruganelli a few weeks after the start of Big Brother Vip: “He accepted immediately. He didn’t tell me he didn’t want to do it.”

Author: Stefania Rocco

the return of Sonia Bruganelli at Big Brother VIP in the role of columnist, he was characterized by a series of apparent push-and-pull. Already before the summer, the businesswoman wife of Paolo Bonolis had declared that she would not repeat the experience of a columnist on the reality show. “i would not be credible”, she explained at the time, apparently convinced that she would never again occupy the chair shared last year by Coin Adriana Volpe. Then, with a flick of the tail, things changed. Sonia retraced her steps and announced that she had agreed to return to being a columnist. Was the miraculous intervention of maestro Alfonso Signorini necessary?

Alfonso Signorini’s version

Apparently not, and it is Signorini himself who tells Smiles and TV songs. The maestro explained that he didn’t have to fight to convince Sonia to come back. “When I asked him, he didn’t hesitate. I hoped he’d take it, he never told me he didn’t want to”, explained Alfonso, clearing the field of any residual doubts.

Because Sonia Bruganelli didn’t want to repeat the GF Vip

However, Sonia Bruganelli seemed convinced that she did not want to repeat the experience. She had stated it herself last May, when she informed that she would not be broadcasting again. “At Gf Vip I put myself at the service of the format and it made sense. I don’t think I would be credible again in the role of commentator. On TV I want to do things that belong to me. I am very happy with the role of producer also because Mediaset is giving my company a series of new productions. I lent myself to reality TV for credibility as a person, and now I exploit that by bringing water to my factory as a TV producer.“, he explained. A point of view that was overturned in the space of a few months and, according to what Alfonso said, without even having to insist.

Source: Fan Page IT